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Educational opportunities

  • There has been a dynamic development in the educational system of the Republic of Belarus in recent years. Academic staff of universities of Belarus is presented with highly skilled specialists. Taking into consideration part time staff, there are over 27082 of teaching professors work in state educational establishments, about 1313 of them are grand PhD specialists, 8530 — PhD specialists. 1242 professors have acquired the title of PhD professor, 7040 — associate professor.
  • Research and development is carried out by more than 300 scientific organizations, universities, and large manufacturing enterprises, including a number of 20,000 researchers.
  • Education in Belarus gives you an excellent opportunity to become fluent in Russian, to gain the experience of talking to native speakers, to immerse yourself in life, culture and traditions of the country, and also make new useful contacts.
  • Education in the Republic of Belarus is of high quality, it meets the international standards. It also provides the highest level of practical learning in a number of specialized fields.
  • Belarusian universities are recognized all over the world for the versatility and quality of education. University graduates are in great demand in the Belarusian and international labor markets.
  • According to the latest data 12,136 students from 88 countries take their courses in Belarus. During current academic year the number of foreign students in the country has increased by more than 2000.
  • In 2002, after enforcing a decree “About becoming parties to the Convention regarding evaluation of qualifications, which pertain to the area of higher education of the European region”, Belarus became a legitimate member of the Lisbon Recognition Convention of 1997 called “About recognition of qualifications in higher education” , which was developed by UNO and European Union. At the present time Belarus is working on having its higher education being accredited by the Bologna Agreement.
  • A great number of educational establishments of the Republic of Belarus actively cooperate with such political organizations as UNO, UNCEF, UNDP, European Union, European Commission, European centers of professional improvement, etc.
  • The whole procedure of the admission process to Belarusian universities and colleges is quite simple and transparent. There are no entry tests and international certificates of English language proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS etc.) are not required.
  • Students, who have chosen Belarus as a country of their studies, may choose from over then 54 universities. At the present time, about 45 state academic establishments are functioning in the Republic of Belarus(31 state universities, 7 academies, 3 higher education institutions and 4 higher education colleges), as well as 9 private academic establishments. Among these universities there are classic universities, medical, technical, agrarian, etc.


Why Belarus?

  • Belarusians are a very friendly nation. Most of the people from other countries are welcomed here with a warm heart and a great hospitality without discrimination based on nationality or religious believes. Belarus has an extensive experience in the international politics of inviting foreign guests to the country. There has been developed a whole range of different practices striving to make their stay as safe and comfortable as possible.
  • Belarus is a unique and beautiful country, which is located in the center of Europe. It shares boarders with five other countries: Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia. The whole area of the Republic occupies about 207.6 with a population of 9 465 400. It consists of six districts with its capital -Minsk. State languages are Russian and Belarusian.
  • Belarus is an independent and highly developed industrial country. It is proud of its rich historical past and an exuberant natural environment. According to the latest information of UNO, Belarus was ranked as a country with a high quality of life. Belarus is on the 68-th place in the Index of Human Development among 170 other countries, which is ahead of all countries of CIS region.
  • Belarus, in a way, is cross area where the most important trans European railway arteries converge along with highways, oil and gas pipelines, water and air routes uniting the economically developed Western Europe and Asia, which has an abundance of natural resources.
  • The nature of Belarus is truly unique. It is a land of forests and thousands of rivers and lakes, wide green fields and grasslands. Here you can find rare species of plants and animals, such as white fir and European mink. Around 7.7% of the country territory is under ecological governmental protection. Among the most popular ecological sites is a park called “Belovezhskaya Pushcha”.
  • Belarus is a land of a great historical past and a rich cultural heritage. It is a land of castles and churches, palaces and parks, ancient treasures. Every day numerous museums and theaters are happily invite their visitors.
  • Belarus is a motherland of many remarkable people, such as a pioneer in book printing Frantisk Skorina, a saint apostle Yefrosiniya, Belarusian noble family of Radzivills, it is a motherland of a famous painter Mark Shagal.

Information on the major Belarusian universities and tuition fees (pdf, 4 mb)