Belarus: A Country Of Exquisite Dishes And Unique Recipes

Belarus is a country with an ancient history and rich traditions, beautiful nature and amazing architecture, industrial giants and developed agriculture, original cuisine and smiling people. The main thing that Belarusians are famous for is hospitality and kindness.

There is an old tradition in Belarus: every guest needs to be fed first. Belarus can surprise the most spoiled gourmets. Culinary recipes have been formed for many centuries, absorbing the whole flavor of national life.

Belarus is located in the center of Europe at the intersection of many international routes. The capital of the Republic of Belarus is the city of Minsk. Minsk is one of the oldest cities in Europe. The first written mention dates back to 1067. The population of Minsk is about 2 million people.

1. National dishes of Belarus

The national cuisine of Belarus has a centuries-old history. Its development and formation were influenced by both climatic conditions and the geographical position of the country at the crossroads of western and eastern cultures, the world's largest religions.

One of the main ingredients used in Belarusian dishes is potato. Potatoes are rightfully called the “second bread” of Belarusians.

Of the main dishes of Belarusian cuisine, it is worth noting such dishes as “zrazy”, “draniki”, “potato babka”, “machanka”.

Zrazy is a traditional Belarusian dish, which include meat rolls with stuffing. This is one of the special dishes from the time of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. At the beginning, this delicious dish was served only to the tables of very rich people. Later, zrazy became popular in folk cuisine.

Draniki is one of the most famous and favorite dishes of the Belarusian national cuisine.

The name of the dish comes from the word “teret”, that is, to rub. It is believed that this dish was first mentioned in 1830. Belarusian draniki have gained fame all over the world due to the special taste, national culinary secrets and properties of the Belarusian potato – bulba.

Potato babka is a traditional Belarusian dish made of grated potatoes with fried bacon, meat and onions, baked in the oven. Babka is traditionally served hot with sour cream or milk.

Machanka is a traditional Belarusian dish. Very satisfying, with a bright taste and national flavor. Like many Belarusian dishes, machanka got its name in honor of the way it was consumed — something was dipped into it, first of all — ruddy pancakes.

Belarussian drinks: “Mead” and “krambambulya” are very popular among Belarusian alcoholic beverages.

Mead is one of the first alcoholic beverages that appeared on the territory of Belarus. In ancient times, it was made on the basis of a sweet bee product by fermentation. Since ancient times, honey-based drinks have been highly valued for their taste and useful properties. They were used to greet guests, treat illnesses, or even simply used occasionally in everyday life. It can be said that mead a long time ago had a sacred character and was necessarily served on the table during festive feasts and religious rites.

Krambambulya is a native Belarusian national drink.

Krambambulya had a special peak of popularity in the XIX century, and it gained a second wave of popularity at the beginning of the XXI century.

For centuries, this drink with a bright taste has been a companion for home dinners and lavish feasts of wealthy people due to the high cost of manufacture.

2. The most popular establishments reflecting the flavor of the national Belarusian cuisine.

Currently, there are 195 public catering facilities in the Republic of Belarus specializing in the preparation of national cuisine dishes, which also reflect the thematic interior design – decorative elements reflecting the culture, flavor and national traditions of the Belarusian people.

In addition, there are various estates in Belarus, located in the most picturesque places of the country and reflecting the entire spectrum of Belarusian national cuisine. In total, there are more than 3 thousand of them on the territory of the country. Belarusian estates offer many opportunities for recreation both in a large and cheerful company, and with family and children.

Cafe “Cornflowers” (Minsk)

Here, in a relaxed interior, stylized as a peasant hut, you will be offered simple and very tasty food at home. The menu offers give variety of folk dishes and drinks with an uncomplicated serving – such as in the village.

Cafe “Grunwald” (Minsk)

For a long time, the institution has become widely known among residents and guests of the capital thanks to the special atmosphere and dishes from the main menu. Here you can taste Old Belarusian cuisine in the traditions of the Middle Ages, which was revered by people of that era.

Kamyanitsa Restaurant (Minsk)

We can safely call this restaurant one of the most original places in Minsk. This restaurant has long been a favorite place for those who love the Middle Ages, national Belarusian cuisine and culture. One of the main halls of the restaurant is made in an authentic atmosphere of the Middle Ages: stone walls, stained glass windows, low ceilings, subdued light. The other looks like an inn with dark rough wooden furniture and a fireplace in the corner of the hall.

Restaurant “Kuhmistr” (Minsk)

The evenings of live music and the visual atmosphere of the restaurant, as well as a selection of branded souvenirs, contribute to the fact that the visitor not only had a delicious meal, but also left a holistic impression of the history and culture of the Belarusian people.

The restaurant “Litviny” (Minsk)

In the Middle Ages, the ancestors of Belarusians were called Litvins. The industrious and inquisitive population has grown rye, vegetables, and fruits from century to century. All this is reflected in the restaurant “Litviny”. The interior and atmosphere of the restaurant are made at the turn of the Middle Ages and ultramodern trends. The recipes combine traditions and innovations of Belarusian cuisine and amaze visitors.

3. Conclusion

Belarus is a country of beautiful nature, diverse and very satisfying cuisine. Tourists who are waiting for memorable moments and tastes have something to do in Belarus. It will take more than one trip to study in detail the traditions associated with cooking and fully enjoy a simple but fantastically delicious meal.

Materials provided by the Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus


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